Grip Socks 2.0 - Red

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2.0 is our new improved collection with new designs and even higher comfort.

SuperSox is the performance sock for you who want to perform extra as an athlete. 
No matter what sport you play, you will benefit from the functionality of SuperSox. 

For training or combat, your feet are the only thing on your body that has contact with the ground - and that is exactly why it is so important to have the right equipment for this part.

With the innovative silicone knobs, you ensure the best grip in your footwear and thus improve your performance.

Supersox is designed for sports with deceleration, acceleration, side shifts and turns.

The sock ensures minimal friction and minimizes the chance of blisters in your footwear via the 360-degree non-slip grip.

In addition, the socks provide support for your feet, as well as increase blood circulation and provide extra stability to exposed areas around the ankle.

Supersox is made of a deliciously breathable and antibacterial material.

How to use SuperSox gripsocks

SuperSox is designed to simultaneously increase the grip between your foot and your footwear. 
Therefore, it is important that they have direct contact with the foot and the footwear. 
Thus, avoid using tennis socks or other socks when using SuperSox - as this will create "slippage" and reduce efficiency. 

If you are a football player, then the team must play in a common set of socks, and possibly sponsorship agreements that must be complied with. 
Cut the foot of your team socks to create a "sleeve" - apply SuperSox and overlap with the sleeve. You can then tape around the ankle so the transition is invisible. 

This allows you to wear SuperSox, increase your performance and at the same time comply with the rules of common team socks. 

    • Increased performance
    • Increased comfort
    • Increased endurance
    • Washing instructions
  • Machine wash v. Max 40 degrees with similar. colors
    Tumble dry not recommended
  • NOTE! Wash inside out for best results


    Maskinvask v.  max 40 grader med lign. farver.

    Tørretumbling frarådes.

    OBS! Vask med vrangen ud ad for bedste resultat.


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