Supersox is the result of two friends' dream to create a product developed in collaboration with professional athletes, and which everyone, regardless of level, can afford.

In 2021, we ourselves were looking for grip socks to play football in.

We both played soccer at league level, and had seen several pros play in other than standard soccer socks.

However, the selection was limited and the prices did not match what we ourselves wanted to pay for a pair of socks.

It was frustrating not being able to find a product that matched our expectations.

Although the level was not high, the desire for the best equipment was present.

No matter what level you practice sports at, you always want the best equipment.

But the best equipment was expensive.

In the spring of 2021, we therefore started the first steps towards what is today the Supersox.

After countless tests and changes made in collaboration with professional athletes from various sports, we have now launched the Supersox grip socks 2.0.