Grip socks for sports

At Supersox, we have developed grip socks that you can use for almost any kind of sport. 

We offer a large selection of grip socks for sports in many different colors including:

What are Supersox grip socks?

Grip socks are more or less reminiscent of general. tennis socks / sports socks as you know them. 
However, grip socks differ by being non-slip socks, which ensure that you stand extra firmly in your footwear. 

The name "grip socks" comes from "having extra grip in your footwear", which ensures you a wide range of advantages compared to if you use general. tennis socks or sports socks. 

There are many advantages to using grip socks when you play sports.


How do grip socks work?

Using the strategically placed anti-slip silicone pads under the sock, the Supersox grip socks ensure that you stay firmly in your footwear and help you to give maximum performance, be it for football, handball, padel tennis or other sports with accelerations and change of direction. 

That's why you need grip socks

Supersox grip socks are specially made to maximize the grip between your foot and your footwear.
This means that you stand better in your footwear and achieve better comfort. 

When you run, sprint or make a turn, you have probably experienced slipping around in the socks in your footwear.

You are taking a risk blisters and lose power output in your movement. 

It's not just uncomfortable to walk around in your footwear - it also reduces your performance.

Supersox grip socks are specially developed to counteract this problem, so you can maximize your performance and feel comfortable. 

Read much more about our grip socks and how you can use them in your sport below:


Who can use grip socks

Supersox grip socks have been developed to be used by professional athletes, but at a price range that allows everyone to participate. 

In collaboration with professional athletes, we have tested and quality assured our products.

This gives you a quality that is approved by several professional athletes. 

You don't have to be either a pro or semi-pro athlete to have the best equipment. 


How to use grip socks

You can use grip socks to your advantage for all kinds of sports that require acceleration, deceleration and/or change of direction. 

The strategically placed non-slip pads on the underside of the socks ensure that you have a firm grip on your footwear. 

Thus, you stand firmly in the shoe and do not "skate" around in your socks.

This increases the power you exert, and you minimize the risk of blisters at the same time. 

Do grip socks work?

If you have never used anything other than alm. tennis socks or sports socks, you will be surprised by the difference between socks and grip socks. 

You will be able to feel from the first time you step into your footwear, how your foot stands firm, where before it could slide forwards, backwards and from side to side. 

Grip socks are also recommended for longer walks, hikes or hiking, where you may otherwise be at extra risk of getting blisters on your feet or toes. 

How long do grip socks last?

It depends a lot on how much you use them and for what type of sport.
There is a big difference in how hard a load different sports provide.  
Just like any other clothing, it makes a difference whether you train using your grip socks for training 2x a week or 4x a week. 

In addition, they must be washed correctly, so that you extend the shelf life as long as possible. 

Can you wash your grip socks?

You can easily wash your grip socks - of course we also recommend that :-) 

Machine wash v.  max 40 degrees with Eq. colors.
Tumble dry not recommended - let them dry freely instead. 
ATTENTION! Wash inside out for best results