Grip socks for padel tennis

At Supersox you will find the market's best grip socks for padel tennis in relation to the price. hvid-supersox-gripsok-padeltennis
In recent years, the development of grip socks has gone extremely fast, and more and more athletes are now using alternative socks for training and fighting. 

It is naturally about increasing the player's performance on the court, and here grip socks have become an essential part of the permanent padel tennis equipment. 

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It is not unusual to see padel tennis players wearing different socks than the club's, but why do so many soccer players choose soccer cleats with grip rather than the normal football socks?

Grip Socks vs Tennis Socks - What's the Difference?

Supersox grip socks are specially made to maximize the grip between your foot and your footwear. 
This means that you stand better in your indoor shoes and achieve better comfort. 

You surely know the problem yourself.

When you run on the track, start a sprint or make a turn, you slide around in the socks under your indoor shoes.

You risk blisters, and have probably ended up with a blue big toenail more than once because you hit the toe of your shoes. 

When you walk around in your indoor shoes, it's not just uncomfortable - it also reduces your performance on the pitch. 

Supersox grip socks are specially developed to counteract this problem, so you can maximize your performance and feel comfortable on the pitch. 

Using strategically placed non-slip silicone pads under the sock, Supersox grip socks ensure you stay firmly in your shoes. 

The incorporated non-slip pads ensure that the foot/sock does not move unnecessarily - thereby maximizing the grip from the sock to the boot.

Why choose grip socks for padel tennis

Supersox grip socks have quickly become a popular choice among padel tennis players in Denmark. 
If you want the best equipment at an affordable price, then it is a preferred choice.

A game of padel tennis can be intense and place high demands on your equipment. 

With many small power explosions in the game, it is important that you have the right equipment in the form of both footwear and socks. 

Padel tennis requires many start-stop movements and changes of direction, which must be performed in quick movements, and here grip socks ensure that you have the best prerequisites to be able to perform this.  

How Supersox gripsocks work

With non-slip non-slip pads on the outside of the sock, you get full grip between your sock and your shoes, which prevents any kind of slipping. 
This allows you to stand firmly in your starting position and get more power in your starting position when you accelerate or change direction on the course. 

This is extremely important to get as powerful and explosive a launch as possible - and that extra power can give you exactly the advantage you need. 

In addition, the socks provide support for your feet, as well as increase blood circulation and provide extra stability to exposed areas around the ankle joint.

Supersox is made in a deliciously breathable and antibacterial material.
You can find grip socks for padel tennis in three different sizes:
Small (35-39)
Medium (40-44)
Large (45-48)